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Our Mission

Our Mission is to create a dynamic and inclusive homeschooling community in the Big Country that fosters personal growth through facilitating high-quality, low-cost/no-cost, cooperative academic experiences, entrepreneurial opportunities, and development focused athletics programs.

About Us

X• Academy is a brand new non-profit organization serving homeschoolers in the Big Country.  We are a growing group of families drawn together by our shared desire and passion to offer our kids a program that promotes and fosters excellence in academics and athletic pursuits, and prepares them as individuals to be strong, confident, well read and well spoken business and thought leaders in this world.

Co-Op Classes

Every Tuesday, families from all across the Big Country meet together at X• Academy’s Shared Country Schoolhouse in Noodle, TX, to Learn, Socialize, Share Ideas, & Grow Together.

We offer no-cost classes and clubs for all ages and grade levels. We focus our learning on the practical exploration and application of a wide range of skills and subjects. We take time to introduce and to promote the arts, as well as a science based approach to learning through STEM projects, reasoning and logic, and through cross curricular learning experiences.

Entrepreneurship is the driving force for our secondary programs, we focus on helping students develop personal and professional skills that will serve them in the real world.


Co-Op Classes Offered


Kiddos aged 5 through 11 gather every Tuesday morning from 9 am until 11:25.

Our Elementary aged classes are designed to supplement your core learning at home. With our cross curricular approach we aim to make learning easy and enjoyable for each child, exactly where they are.


We are focusing on American History this Fall semester. Lessons will include fun and educational topics such as: Early America, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and more.


Students will get the chance to learn and experience science through a variety of exciting and engaging scientific experiments. They will learn the scientific method and discover fascinating parts of the world.


Each week your kiddos will get to create and design a new project that helps them develop and find their inner Picasso.

Business Development

Students will learn the in’s and out’s of  business ownership and management. Exploring and developing skills to help them be successful entrepreneurs.

Family & Social Sciences

Students will get the chance to explore the world around them in real life applicable ways. From cooking to debate, these classes will help the youth develop real world skills that will help them in the real world.


Theses classes will focus on modern day technologies and their role in our lives. We will explore AI, responsible digital citizenship, design tools, and how we can utlize todays advancements in our entrepreneurial and personal pursuits.


Youth ages 12 – 18 meet together every Tuesday from 12 pm until 3:20 pm.

Our secondary level classes are designed to offer the youth a chance to explore and discover the real world and the skills required to live rewarding and fullfilling lives in it.

In Addition To Our Co-Op Classes, We Also Offer A Variety Of Extracurricular Clubs & Activities For Students

Upcoming Events

9/5/2023 – X• Co-Op Parents Meeting

1:00 pm  At X• Facility in Noodle.

9/12/2023 – First Day of Fall Co-Op 


Support X•

X Academy is able to offer low-cost/no-cost Academic & Athletic Opportunities to homeschooling families in the Big Country due to the generous contributions from members of the community like you.


Is It Really Free?

We do everything we can to keep all of our Academic and Athletic Programs free for participants. We are able to do this due to the generous contributions of countless volunteers as well as the financial contributions and donations of our founders and members. We cannot guarantee that we are able to offer everything we want to do at no-cost,  but we can guarantee that we will do everything we can to try to raise enough funds with the goal of making it that way. 

How Does Co-Op Enrollment Work?

If the number of eligible enrollments does not exceed the number of vacancies, then all applicants who applied will be offered admission. If there are more enrolled than spaces in a class, then a lottery will be conducted at the close of business on the last day of the Open Enrollment period. Returning students, siblings of current students, as well as the children of teachers will be given priority in the lottery. Once all remaining vacancies have been filled, a waiting list will be developed and open positions will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. 

How Do I Join a Sports Team?

During the offseason be on the lookout for open gyms, camps, and offseason workout type events so you can meet the coaches and other players and get connected with them. 

While a season is underway please reach out to us to see if there are any remaining roster spots on the team you are interested in playing with.

Do I Have to Join the Co-op to Play Sports?

No you do not. We invite you to participate with our organization as much or as little as you prefer. Join one team or join them all, join our co-op classes or just join a club. Come to a teen night, or run for Student Body President. However you want to participate, that’s how we want you to participate.

Why The Bison?

Into The Storm

While most other animals, such as domesticated cattle, turn and run away from a storm, multiplying their exposure and the effects of the storm, Bison take the storm head-on, fiercely charging directly into its path, therefore dramatically decreasing their exposure.

This symbolism of the majestic Bison heading directly into the storm is very fitting and an example of how we can confront challenges and life’s obstacles.

Don’t run. Don’t avoid it. Don’t hope it goes away. Stand Together, Face the Storm, & Take it Head On.

Together we are the X• Bison, a thundering herd, charging fearlessly into the challenges of life. 


X• Academy is a brand new resource for Homeschoolers in Abilene, TX and the surrounding communities. Our goal is to offer an environment that encourages growth, excellence, and creativity. Our hope is to build a safe space for students and families to gather that does not place any unnecessary financial burden on the families. A place where they can develop relationships with their peers, build their own businesses, chase athletic excellence, and get prepared for the real world.

Get In Touch

Location: 12806 FM 1812, Merkel, TX 79536

Telephone: (325) 725-7702


Co-Schooling Hours: M-TH: 10am – 2pm

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