Student’s X• Academy Agreement

X• Academy (X•) promotes the values of collaboration, respect, and leadership within our cooperative learning environment. As a student participating in the X• Academy Program, your behavior reflects not only on yourself, but also on your fellow students, mentors, and the program as a whole. By enrolling in the X• Academy Program, I agree to adhere to the following rules and guidelines:


Participation with any XDOT Academy program is a privilege, not a right. Our mission is to offer high quality educational and athletic opportunities for homeschooling families in the Big Country. If at any point XDOT staff or volunteers determine that you are hindering this mission or our programs your privileges of membership may be revoked.

Responsible Behavior:

I will conduct myself responsibly and uphold the principles of X• Academy.

I will refrain from the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, or weapons during X• Academy events and activities, ensuring a safe and focused learning environment for all.

Respectful Interaction:

I will treat all individuals, including mentors, peers, and staff, with respect and courtesy.

I will not engage in any form of abusive language or actions that intend to harm, intimidate, or humiliate others.

Educational Priorities:

I understand that my educational progress is a priority, and I will balance my X• Academy participation with my other academic responsibilities.

Mentor Relationships:

I will respect and listen attentively to my instructors, coaches, or other responsible X• Academy volunteers, recognizing their dedication to enhancing my experience.

Attendance Commitment:

I will prioritize attending classes and sessions that I enroll in regularly.

Unexcused absences may lead to consequences, including limited or revoked participation.

Facility Care:

I will contribute to maintaining a clean and organized environment, ensuring that facilities are left in good condition after every event or activity.

Teamwork and Respect:

I will demonstrate respect for fellow students and instructors, fostering a positive and inclusive atmosphere. I will refrain from profanities, teasing, ridiculing, or making fun of any participants at any time.

Positive Team Dynamics:

I will actively contribute to a cooperative and supportive team atmosphere. I will respect my peers’ contributions and encourage a sense of unity among all participants.

Respectful Conduct:

I will display respect and empathy in all situations, whether in success or setback. I will uphold high standards of behavior during X• Academy programs, practicing self-control and respect.

Social Media Etiquette:

I will not use social media to initiate harm, intimidate, or humiliate others in the X• Academy Program.

Negative, demeaning, or derogatory comments will not be tolerated, as they may undermine the cooperative spirit.


By agreeing to this Student’s Code of Conduct Agreement, I pledge to uphold the values and guidelines set forth by X• Academy’s Program. I understand that any violation of this code may lead to consequences, such as restricted participation, suspension, or removal from the program.

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