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A fusion of classroom learning & real world training.

Classroom Style Instruction From Real World Professionals and Experts

Supervised Practical Learning with Real World Projects and Customers


Spring Semester












Beginning January of 2024









Ages 14 – 18

Free Registration

From 1pm – 5pm

On thursdays


• Jan-11th
• Jan-25th
• Feb-8th
• Feb-22nd
• Mar-7th
• Mar-28th
• Apr-11th
• Apr-25th
 • Jan-18th
• Feb-1st
• Feb-15th
• Feb-29th
• Mar-21st
• Apr-4th
• Apr-18th
• May-2nd

We believe that the best ways to help Students prepare for the real world is for them to work on real world projects under the guidance and direction of real world professionals.

The Innovators Lab is instructed by these local organizations:

21st Century Skills for the Leaders and Innovators of Tomorrow.

Business Management

Manage and track all aspects of a business, from finance and operations to marketing and human resources.

Product Development

Grow an idea or concept into an actual product or service ready for the market.

digital marketing

Create and manage real world advertisement campaigns on Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other digital platforms.

WEb design

Design and develop webpages and sites for real world projects, organizations, and even your own personal innovations and ventures.

Culinary Services

Manage and operate a catering business, make and sell foods as a product, and perfect your customer service skills.

social media management

Connect real world businesses and organizations with their current and potential customers through engaging copy, high quality imagery.

Gain Real World Knowledge

Our Innovator Lab give students the opportunity to “Test Drive” a variety of potential career paths while developing real world skills. Empowering them with the information and experience they need to make educated and confident decisions about their futures.

Build Your Portfolio

In today’s competitive job market, employers have increasingly high expectations for candidates. Our Innovator Lab empower you to acquire essential skills while simultaneously constructing a robust portfolio. This portfolio becomes a valuable asset, enabling you to strategically position yourself for the roles you aspire to within the organizations of your choice.

Build Social Capital

Make valuable connections in the community with leaders and professionals who can help you be successful and make an impact.

Startup Accelerator

Our Innovator Lab can help you take steps towards financial independence and launch your very own business ideas.

X• Academy is Proud to collaborate and partner with local businesses and organizations seeking to grow while simultaneously helping youth in the big country gain valuable real world experience and knowledge. Our Innovator Lab offer the unique opportunity to expand your business at a fraction of the cost through educational based strategies and solutions.

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