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A Shared  Schoolhouse in the Country

The seeds for the X• ACADEMY were planted in 2021 when the pandemic brought the opportunity for a homeschooling family in Noodle to purchase the Old Noodle Baptist Church. They then converted this building into a shared schoolhouse where they and other families could build a community together built on their shared desire to offer their children the absolute best possible educational experience they can.

A few months later, in an act of serendipity the same family was offered two football fields of artificial turf that are currently be converted in to what will be the home field for the X• Baseball, Softball, Football, and Soccer programs.

With a schoolhouse and a soon to come sports facility, this field of dreams scenario is becoming a real life fulfillment of the notion that “if you build it, they will come”.
They have come, and we are now a size-able group of Big Country homeschooling families drawn together by our shared desire and passion to offer our kids a program that promotes and fosters excellence in academics and athletic pursuits and prepares them as individuals to be strong, confident, well read and well spoken business and thought leaders in this world.

A Home Field for the Bison.

Construction is underway of our Home Field! This Field will be fully artificial turf, and serve as our home field and practice field for a variety of sports, including: 









As a non-profit organization we are always looking for generous folks who are willing to donate their time or resources to help make this dream a reality for our kids. Contact us to learn the best ways to help.

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