About X•

X• Academy is a Non-Profit organization established in 2023 and located in Noodle Texas.

Our Mission is to create a dynamic and inclusive homeschooling community in the Big Country that fosters personal growth through facilitating high-quality, low-cost/no-cost, cooperative academic experiences, entrepreneurial opportunities, and development focused athletics.

We welcome families of all backgrounds and beliefs, and strive to create a respectful and supportive environment that values diversity, promotes understanding, and fosters personal growth. Our goal is to empower families to create personalized learning experiences that meet the unique needs and interests of their children, while also building character, teamwork, and leadership skills through competitive athletics. We are committed to promoting academic excellence, critical thinking skills, physical fitness, and social-emotional well-being in our students and athletes.

No Cost

We seek to offer high quality academic and athletic experiences to all homeschooling youth who want to participate, no matter what their economic status may be.  Too often our homeschooling youth are being gate kept from high quality academic and athletic opportunities due to the financial status of their families and the high cost of athletic competition anywhere other than through the public education system. We are seeking to remove these barriers by offering a program that is designed in a similar way as public schools, but rather than being funded by tax payer funds, we are funded through the generous donations, sponsorships, and contributions from countless volunteers and businesses in the community.

The heart of our organization is a community of families brought together by our shared desire and passion to offer our kids a program that promotes and fosters excellence in academics and athletic pursuits. A program that prepares them as individuals to be strong, confident, well read and well spoken business and thought leaders in this world. Like the mighty bison, we embrace our individuality and forge our unique paths. Alone on this path we are indomitable and determined, but together, we are a mighty Thundering Herd, unstoppable in our pursuit of a brighter future for our children.

The Golden Rule

We seek to honor the Golden Rule, a teaching based in a belief in the innate goodness of people. We believe we have a responsibility to foster that goodness in ourselves, and better develop the ability to see it in others. We believe in the constant pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. We support one another in our quest for excellence and the absolute highest standards of integrity, morality, and ethical living. 

Organizational Structure

Board of Directors

Each Board of Director Position lasts for one year. Each position beings and ends at a different time during the year and any vacant positions are voted on and filled at the discretion of the remaining Board Members.

Co-Op Director

The Co-Op Director is chosen yearly by the Board of Directors and is responsible for building the Co-Op program that year, including finding volunteer teachers for each class offered.

Head Coaches

Head Coaching positions are yearly commitments from volunteers who are appointed by the board of directors. A head coach is chosen for each sport, the head coach is then responsible for building the rest of their coaching staff with other volunteers.

General Membership

The general membership of X• Academy is made up of every family member who is registered with the organization who is over 18 years old.

Board of Directors

Randy White


Rochelle White


Crystal Heatwole


Jessica Lobstein

Booster Club Director

Ann Ellington

Director of Sponsorships

Whitney Newman

Director of Scheduling

Amanda Scott


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